We all currently remain well at GTB but it goes without saying that others are not. Hers What we’ve got to say on Cleaning Covid-19

Following on from our post, What is Bio-Hazard Cleaning?, we can now see why individuals and businesses would not want to be associated with such a clean.This can ensue panic and concern from clients. Not forgetting the neighbourhood, family and friends. When referring to Covid-19, we believe there are more points to consider. If we are given permission to post details of such cleans and an outline of the details, this in some cases may be seen as useful public information. It may help someone to make an informed decision about whether they should get tested or not.


It’s important to be realistic about the spread of the virus. Whilst we all want to return to something nearer normality, it is a way off.

In most covid infection control cleans that we have done we found that the general cleaning routine is carried out to a good standard.In a lot of cases an exceptional standard. Putting the onus on transmission via people and touch points.

In addition to carrying out a thorough deep clean and disinfection, monitoring the hygiene levels in the environment is Vital. This can be done via ATP Testing which we believe overall is the best method for gaining an insight into transmission and analysing effective cleaning methods. The ATP Network provides a better overview of the testing itself. We can provide it as part of a cleaning package. We also provide testing as a stand alone service. 

Cleaning Covid-19 is not straightforward for sure!